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The Cast

Claudia Cervenka

Claudia is an accomplished actress and dancer. Her experience dancing has played a pivitol role in her portraying Emily in AFTER. The extensive fighting scenes and the physicality of Emily's biological alterations call for an actress who can perform complex moves and delicate choreography, while still being able to connect with intimate scenes of emotional drama. Claudia is the perfect actress for the role and we are so happy to have her on board as Emily.

Kris Anderson

Kris was one of the first people brought on aboard when we started making AFTER. He is an avid fan of role-playing games and has a background in stage acting. His commitment to AFTER will never be questioned after he showed up to the audition having written a monologue in the character of Drifter based on an initial reading of the script he was part of before the auditions. Complete with a full backstory to the character, Kris impressed us so much that it was a no-brainer to cast him as the smart survivalist that helps Emily stay alive.

Jim Robbins

Making the role of Boots oh so memorable, Jim was both comic relief on and off set for the cast and crew.  For such a nice guy, Jim really handled playing a dirt-bag well and brought out a side of Boots that wasn't in the original script.  Besides acting, Jim is an accomplished photographer and budding filmmaker. We were sad to see Boots meet his untimely end in the proof of concept, but hope we can "resurrect" him in the series for a longer role.

Aaron Fentress

One of the funniest moments on set with Aaron was when we tried to get his teeth to not be so darn white. Our makeup artist tried all the tricks and nothing worked. Someone suggested he eat a few Oreo cookies to bring down the brightness of his pearly whites.  We tried it, but still, nothing could blemish those shining teeth.  So we just went with it, and figured the character Tools just always brushed really well. Aaron is an actor and writer and brings a seriousness to everything he does, and he does everything well. 

Sarah Diebold

Sarah is an up-and-coming actress and the 2015 Miss Pre-Teen Nevada. She is such a positive young lady and was very mature and professional on set.  While an only child, she earned the role of Sylvia in AFTER for her convincing snotty attitude towards the character James, who is Sylvia's little brother.  We expect awesome things from Sarah and so glad she could be a part of our production!

Laith Quteifan

Laith is quite the awesome kid.  He has more style than I think all of the cast and crew put together. He was so calm and cool when he came to audition for the part of James in AFTER. And when he read a part of Harry Potter for his audition, the whole crew watching was convinved this was our actor for James.  Laith is good student and good kid and we see big things in his future! 

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